At BlueZircle we are committed to making your gift giving process simple, easy and one you will not forget. Giving is better then receiving. But giving a thoughtful and unique gift can be an impossible task. It is the very reason we started our business in the first place. BlueZircle is a gifting studio that specialises in curated and custom gift boxes for every occasion.

As lovers of original, elegant, modern lifestyle, sustainable, but above all practical everyday essentials, we source items that meet these criteria. Beautiful packaged and accompanied with your personal video message, each and every luxury gift box that leaves our doors is a gift to be remembered.



BlueZircle is about giving

Learn to Swim! 

Drowning is still the leading cause of death,it accounts for about half of the deaths, among children under the age of 15 in Thailand. The founders of BlueZircle lived in Thailand for 6 years  and felt really passionate about doing something about this when they learnt about it.The aim is to give free swimming lessons to children from families that can not afford it themselves. 

The "Learn to swim"  foundation has been founded. From this foundation the contacts will be made and the program will be set up and swimming lessons will be scheduled. 

A percentage of the revenue of BlueZircle will be donated yearly to the foundation.